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Property Presentation Tips

Proper presentation of your property is essential to getting the right price at sale. These quick & simple tips can help you to display your home in the best possible light.

1. The front and exterior of the property should be neat and tidy, vehicles should be parked in the garage with the
garage door closed or on the street (but not in front of the property). Bins, hoses and gardening equipment to
be well hidden.

2. The kitchen is a focal area in any house and is an important feature. Clutter should be cleared from bench space
and on top of appliances. Fridges look best without any magnets or pictures, and bins are best hidden.

3. Dining rooms are best presented when uncluttered and with a simple table ornament, like a small bunch of
flowers or candles. Dining tables are best shown without table cloths or place mats.

4. Lounge rooms can be a cluttered area of the household; hide magazines, newspapers, remotes, gym equipment,
toys, bean bags and excessive cabling or wires.

5. The main bedroom is a major feature of the property, the bed should be neatly made and clothes put away. Any
clutter on the bedside tables should be avoided or minimized. Bedside lamps are a pleasant feature.

6. Other bedrooms simply need toys and clutter put away where possible, with beds neatly made.

7. En suites and bathrooms look best without towels, or floor mats. Shampoo bottles, toothbrushes or body
washers are best put away in a cupboard. This gives the bathroom a new and clean look.

8. Where applicable, backyards should be mowed and tidy. Washing hanging on the line needs to be taken down
and put away. Any bicycles, tools or toys should be placed in the garage or shed. Pets and pet accessories should
be suitably hidden from view.

9. Swimming pools are best cleaned before photographing, with cleaners and pool toys hidden from view.

10. The blinds and curtains of the house are an important feature and should be in working order. As is the lighting
of the property, please have all globes working for the photo shoot.