Copywriting & Editorial Services

The team at Property Profiles are focused on providing an exceptionally easy to use service which delivers clean and engaging copy with an effective and persuasive message. Our copywriting services are ideal for Real Estate agents who want to spend more time selling rather than spending hours working on an editorial masterpiece.

At Property Profiles we believe in an easy to use three step process:

Step One – Ascertain Your Needs

At this stage we discuss with you (the client) your copywriting needs. This can be as simple as a phone call or a more formal meeting, and aims to develop an understating of the style in which your agency typically writes your editorials and ad copy. We also welcome any style guidelines your agency has implemented.

Step Two – Assess The Property

After discussing your editorial needs, we then proceed to complete an in-depth review of the property. This can involve us visiting the property to complete our four-page property review form, or soliciting the information from you over the phone – whatever you prefer.

Step Three – Complete and Review

Once the editorial is complete, we will provide a draft to you for your approval or review. Our pricing includes up to two sets of change requests.
Our editorial services also include complementary ad copy to use on your website and print advertisements!

If you are interested in using Property Profile Copy writing services please use the ORDER FORM

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